Turbobit Premium. Secure storage and fast file sharing

Turbobit net is a cloud service for storing files and for sharing files via links. You can easily upload your files to our site, use the service as a server for storage, and send download links to other people or follow their links to download. It is worth mentioning that the access to Turbobit Premium account makes working with the service much more convenient, allowing you to use all the features without viewing ads, forced suspension of your downloads, and at the maximum speed your internet is capable of. It is possible to work with download managers and FTP-uploads. The maximum download speed can be up to 1 GB/sec if your ISP allows it. Our website offers configure security settings so that only users with access can see and use your data. Anyone can use the Turbobit service for free and no registration is required. The duration of storage of your files and download speed will be different from a paid Turbobit Premium account. With the Turbobit service, you can earn money if your content is popular enough to be downloaded by other users.

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How to download premium turbobit

Transfer files possibly directly to the service site Turbobit with your mouse. You can also use the normal manual search method on your device. In addition to the usual methods for file sharing services, also possibly upload via URL, API, and FTP uploads. This allows you to transfer files from other sites or use other file exchangers to upload data. There is an opportunity to use popular managers for FTP uploads:

  • Speedget.
  • Download Accelerator Plus.
  • GetRight.
  • FlashGet.
  • GoZilla.
  • Google File Download Manager and others.

You authenticate with your username and turbobit premium username password directly when you download. If you need to save your data to retrieve the files, you can use another FTP account.

With the help of our file exchanger it is possible to download a maximum of 100 GB of data through the service per download but at a certain interval. Turbobit account premium allows you to do this much faster and without interruptions. When downloading a file, priority is given to users of a Turbobit Premium account, but the number of files to be downloaded is limited to 500. If you need to bypass this limitation, you can contact support, which happens very rarely. For turbobit net free download use, a connection to the server closest to you is also available, just the download will be a little slower. The download speed for free access is also affected by the size of the file you previously downloaded. For optimal speed, it is recommended to download smaller files and then move on to larger downloads.

Turbobit rules

In order to use the services of Turbobit, the user agrees with all the rules of the site and the terms of service. By doing so, he or she confirms that he or she is 18 years old or that he or she has the permission of a parent or guardian to access the site. You agree to limit access to your device to others and not to disclose your personal information including your username and password for your turbobit.net premium account. The service reserves the right to restrict your actions in any way in case of violation or suspicion of violation of the rules.

In addition to obligations not to use the service to distribute blacklisted materials (see details in the section about the removal of files due to violations of the terms by the user), the user agrees not to use the networks of large companies to distribute download links.

The Turbobit service, in turn, undertakes not to use email notifications to your email address to send promotional messages (like other file sharing services) but only to inform you about the Service options and changes them.


To start working with Turbobit, you only need to go to the service website from your desktop or mobile device. For the first Turbobit login, it is recommended to use a computer. Users can go directly to the download page without entering your account data by clicking on the button “Download file”. This way you can open the page to download the file or share the link.

Registration can take only a few minutes. You will need to fill out a form with your email and password for your account. After that, you’re taken to a page with your account workspace. By default, there are three folders here. One with the files that are available for operations, and two others for deleted and violating service rules.

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Turbobit Premium account or Turbo Access

To get a Premium account, you need to click on the “Turbo Access” button. After that, you will go to the page of tariff selection and agreement with the terms of service use. The method of payment can be Visa, PayPal, or popular today cryptocurrency wallets. If you renew your subscription to Premium account, you get a 25% discount. It is worth noting that the renewal of a premium subscription is automatic, and you can cancel it at any time.

Benefits of Turbobit Premium account:

  • A Premium account allows you to upload and download files as fast as possible.
  • No ads while downloading
  • No forced pause in downloading.
  • A download manager is available to make working with the service even more convenient.
  • With the purchase of a Premium account you also get unlimited storage space for your files, the only condition for storing them is their last download date.
  • The Plus+ option allows you to increase downloading limits on your paid account by 2 times. That will increase your downloads per day to 50 GB, and up to 1200 GB per month.

You can get a full refund for the first 30 days of Premium Access. To do this, you need to contact support, where, if there is a reasonable cause, they will consider your request.

How you can get Turbobit free premium account

To use the Turbobit file sharing service for free, just go to the home page and register or just click on the download button. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no way to get a turbobit premium account for free, but on the Turbobit website there is an opportunity to earn money in various ways. Using referral links for registration, and renewing a subscription to the service, the user gets various discounts.

Turbobit net free download is limited not only by the download speed and reduced priority to Turbobit Premium account holders but also by the waiting time between downloads or the presence of download timeouts for large files. Getting around this is possible, but not easy. It is recommended to buy a Premium account.

User Privacy

User data security and protecting your files from hacking into your account turbobit net is a top priority for any file-sharing site. Privacy means keeping your data completely anonymous. The first time you log in to your account, your geolocation and operating system information on your device is stored. Information about the duration of your visit, your IP address, and the browser you are using may also be stored. All such personal information is encrypted for security purposes. Clients can choose not to accept the storage of cookies, increasing your anonymity, but then the usability of the site and the adaptation of the site to your device will not be maximized.

You can connect a paid service HTTPS + DNT, which allows you to access the site only through a secure protocol that supports data encryption. Do Not Track policy means that the user’s actions while downloading files are not monitored or shared with third parties.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or problems there is a possibility to contact the support service turbobit net by sending an email or writing to ICQ, via Skype. For quicker processing of your request, it’s better to contact them on workdays from Monday through Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00.

Users can also use the support ticket system via the service website. For the faster resolution of customer issues, the support portal includes various departments. Make sure that you contact the specific department you need. Several identical requests can slow down the processing of your question, and avoid creating single-type requests.

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User-friendly interface

For new users of turbobit net, the appearance of the site is intuitive and easy to use. It is possible to start working with the service immediately, without even registering. It is enough to click on the button to download the files. Next to it, there are sections for Premium account and for earning money with Turbobit. Working with the service is as easy as possible for new users. To download files, just drag and drop the file from an open folder or from the desktop of your device. Just click the usual button to select the desired file from the storage location. The service has been created to be as simple and convenient as possible.

Is Turbobit safe

Data and your account are protected by a limit on the number of attempts to sign in to your account. After 10 unsuccessful attempts, your account will be blocked. You will not be able to log in to your account for 12 hours until confirmed by email.

You will need to enter an additional security turbobit premium code to remove the file. If you restore the code, you will have to wait 15 days, during which time file deletion operations will not be possible. You must be careful not to lose the security code.

In addition to the usual username and password to log in to your account, you may need to pass random pictures or characters. This may occur due to logging in from an unknown new device or changing your IP address. Such measures should fully answer the question of whether: is turbobit safe? Yes it is.

Ways to earn with Turbobit Premium account

Affiliate Program

Turbobit is in partnership with the CostAction service. This allows users of the service to earn passive income if their files are popular enough to be downloaded by other users. You can get up to for every 1000 downloads. If other people use your download turbobit premium link to sign up for Turbo Access, you will get 60% to 75% of the cost of paid access. Unique downloads from all countries of the world are counted.

Naturally, all files must meet the requirements of the service, and the terms of use must not be violated. Each download is counted from the moment you start downloading the file, not after a full download, as is usually the case. Unique downloads from dozens of countries at the same price are counted.

Reseller Program

Turbobit invites both local and international resellers. To participate in the reseller program, you need a site with connected payment systems, which the service does not have. The discount provided by the service depends on the volume of sales and varies from 20 to 30%. The application for participation is considered within 5 working days. Preference is given to the owners of the sites which already cooperate with similar services, hence, have their own client base.

Turbobit download manager for desktop and mobile devices

A mobile app is available for Turbobit premium download on the site. When a user with a Turbobit Premium account goes from a mobile device, the site will automatically redirect you to its mobile version turbobit download manager. This can be useful because you can access your account from any available device and can share files even if you’re on the go.

For Windows, a handy turbobit premium downloader is also available for download. With it, users easily resume paused downloads and download files with a single click.

File Storage

Registered users and users with Premium accounts can download and store files up to 100 GB. Browser downloads are only available up to 4 GB. For guests on the site, it is available to download a file not more than 200 MB.

If your files have not been used for downloading, they will be removed from storage after some time. The way the service is used determines the length of time after which deletion will occur. For a non-registered user, the data can be stored for a maximum of 7 days after uploading or downloading. If you are a registered user, the period before deletion increases to 30 days. For users with Turbo Access, files can be stored for up to 60 days.

You can delete downloaded data prematurely yourself. For a registered user, just mark unnecessary files in your storage. For the user in guest mode, links are available to manage the file after it has been uploaded to the server.

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User infringement and banned files

Any file that violates copyright or any other law can be immediately removed from the service and from the tab with deleted files, respectively. A file deleted marked as infringing means a complaint has been received from the copyright holder or a violation of the rules of the service. A file deleted marked as blacklisted means that the content of the file is on the banned list.

The list of banned files for Turbobit includes the following categories:

  • Pornographic material in any form and material containing sexually explicit scenes.
  • Advertisements for escort services, dating services.
  • Advertisements for illegal goods, narcotics.
  • Any material related to any terrorist activity.
  • Offensive and prejudicial material that includes violent, harassing, or other objectionable content.
  • Material that displays hatred toward others.
  • Advertisements for any gambling or pyramid schemes.
  • Propaganda for illegal actions against any government.
  • Files containing any malicious software.
  • Material that violates copyrights or trademarks.
  • Material containing criminal offenses.

This means that any files in these categories will be removed immediately. Messages containing complaints about such content are handled around the clock. In addition to deleting the file itself, the account, which violates the rules or terms of service can be blocked.


There is a section of frequently asked questions and answers in English and Russian on the site. You can search for a solution to your question there first, before contacting support. The section is convenient because it is divided into five categories, which simplifies the search: general questions, download, without Turbobit Premium account, and with Turbobit Premium account.


What is turbobit? Turbobit is a free cloud service for downloading and storing data. For a service with similar services, it has maintained its relevance, despite the rather long work (since 2008). Turbobit operates through the purchase of a Turbobit Premium account by users and displays ads for free use. For maximum download speed, it is necessary to purchase Turbo Access. As with many file sharing services of this type, there is no ability to search for files on the servers. On the other hand, this provides greater reliability of storage. Downloads are made using unique links that you can send to your friends or place on your page on social networks. It is possible to earn money through an affiliate program. Pretty easy to use file exchanger with good customer service and quick response to complaints.

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